Heat Pump Repair in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas

When you need heat pump repair in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, confide in the experts at Primo A/C and Heating Services.

Your heat pump works hard to keep your house comfy.

Dissimilar to air conditioners, the outdoor equipment on heat pumps doesn’t get to rest when the temperatures cool down.

PRIMO AC and Heating - Air Conditioning Maintenance - Rio Grande Valley

Instead, your heat pump works all year to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That perpetual effort can culminate in the need for repairs.

If that time does occur, Primo A/C and Heating Services is elated to help. We can service most any heat pump. We work hard to make your home comfortable again as soon as possible.

Your satisfaction, effectiveness and safety are our top concerns. We’re happy to show you when you trust us with your home comfort. Reach out to us at 956-359-3631 today to schedule an appointment.

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Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance is highly recommended for all systems in both residential and commercial properties. Primo A/C and Heating Services can schedule routine service checks to ensure your heat pump runs smoothly and for a long time.

Heat Pump Installation

Primo A/C and Heating Services installs brand new heating pumps for all residential and commercial properties. We promise to be clean, and efficient as well as professional when installing any new equipment designed for your home or office.