New Air Conditioner? When Do I need One?

Article by – JAY – Primo AC Technician

Thinking about getting a new air conditioner? Have you been having that funny feeling that you might be needing a new ac unit very soon? Well your instincts are probably right on point. In this article we will cover some basic reason and criteria you can use to determine whether or not you will need a Air Conditioning Installation in Edinburg, TX or anywhere you may live.

Your AC is Older.

Even with PRIMO’s advanced maintenance, inspection and repair specialist on the job, you air conditioner will last a long time. But let’s face it, all things mechanical, when given enough time will fail and need to be replaced with a newer system

We tell all our customers that the average lifespan of an AC Unit is 10 years. With PRIMO’s scheduled maintenance services it can be extended even further. However, if you reading this and you havn’t had the pleasure of having us routinely services your ac unit, then you’re looking at a 10 year window max. If yours is over 10 years old, you should start looking into replacements. When replacing an ac unit, there are a few things to consider and keep in mind. We will go through a few of those with you right now, and we hope that this will help you in deciding the proper course of action for your home comfort.

Does your AC have Frequent Breakdowns?

Relatively well maintained and conditioned HVAC systems can and do go out randomly and for any reason. Scheduling an AC repair service quickly is paramount to making sure small problems don’t turn into huge problems that could negatively compromise your AC’s potential lifespan.

Like we said some breakdowns are expected to happen, but if your breakdown are frequently happening, then it is time to purchase a new AC unit. Making the decision to buy a whole new system maybe a scary thought when considering your pocketbook, but it actuality, this decision will save you money in the long run. We encourage you to not get weighed down on the initial cost of a new AC unit, but think about the repairs that you have already done. Your air conditioner will only deteriorate further and each repair may get more and more costly. Eventually, there will be no repair available to fix your dead AC unit. You will be in a much better position if you take the leap and get a new AC unit now.

Do you have High Energy Bills?

As AC units age, they become less efficient. This can lead to very high energy bills. Again this gives you yet another reason to consider buying a new air conditioner system.

There are also newer systems to consider. Even if your AC unit it working properly and for the most part has not created a huge spike in your energy bills, new technologies and systems are making the ac unit very energy friendly. These Innovations in HVAC technology are happening quickly, and as a result are producing models that have a great energy efficiency. Upgrading to a newer, more advanced unit will definitely help bring down your energy costs, and also help the environment.

Are you doing a Home Expansion?

There are different sizes of air condition units. this is definitely something to keep in mind of you are going to add to your home. More square footage means more space your air conditioner needs too cool or heat.

If your adding to your home then getting a bigger unit is probably something that you should think about doing. A common misconception is that a larger unit means a higher energy cost. But thats not the always the case. In fact a larger unit pushed more air and will cool your home faster than a smaller unit would. Meaning that your air conditioner will have to run less than a smaller AC unit would. Your homes air will heat up at the same rate regardless, but cooling it should be quick and efficient. Don’t shy away from a larger unit when it could be the best decision for your home you can make when it comes to your AC needs.

So what did we learn?

At the end of the day, frequent repairs, higher energy costs, and home expansion are just a few reasons to consider when deciding if your home needs a new AC unit. We highly encourage you to give us a call so that we can help walk you through the process and make the best decision for you and your family.

Air Conditioning For Better In-House Climate Control In RGV

Controlling your indoor climate is an essential task. Using your air conditioning in the right way will always help keep your home cool and your ac working for a long time.

It doesn’t matter where you live. You may have the most beautiful home with a great kitchen, and beautiful finishes, but in different temperature climates it may become very difficult without air conditioning or heating. This could happen in the office as well. With smaller offices, having a humidifier not working for even a short time can be very difficult.

With a well managed air conditioner, you will be able to bring down the chance of having difficult times with the extreme heat. Keep in mind that your air conditioner isn’t just for keeping things cool, it’s a great way to clean your indoor air.

Another thing you can do to help your ac unit is to install a humidifier during the winter time. Especially during a dry winter. During the winter months, your heater can dry up the air from 45-55% humidity to 5-10% on average making it an issue when it comes to respiratory illnesses and allergies. Increasing the moisture in the air with a humidifier will help avoid these harmful respiratory issues. If you need services for your humidifier you can call Primo and we will take care of it quickly.

I know that living in the Rio Grande Valley, we are typically worried about the heat, but be warned that at times we have to turn on the heater, and during that time the air quality can suffer. Having a handy humidifier can be a very essential piece of equipment that you will appreciate having. Having proper indoor air quality is essential for comfort and good health in winter and summer.

Make the Most Out of Your Home Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning is a got to have appliance for those individuals who are living in warm climates like the Rio Grande Valley, or anywhere in Texas for that matter. Let’s just say it starts to come a significant part of the day to day lives of everyone living in the home. A side effect of this must have item is that it does put a heavy burden on your energy consumption every month. There are ways to lesses this cost, we simply have to learn new habits when using our air condition unit. Let’s dive right in and find out how we can best learn to do this.

Bigger air conditioner – Not always a good idea.

The market is full of air conditioner options that you can choose from, but without looking at the details you may be setting yourself back. In this case, bigger doesn’t mean cooler. Be careful with buying a bigger unit, it doesn’t mean it will result in a cooler home at a faster rate, nor does it mean it will keep the temperature constant.

Keep the air conditioner away from the hot spot.

When thinking about where to put your outside unit, it seems like the easiest place would be where there is space to put, and where it wont get in the way. Beware however, that placing your outside unit in spot where the temperature in the hottest will cause it to work harder to cool the air that it intakes. We recommend placing your unit in a shady spot, away from the hottest part of the day. The air around the unit will be cooler, and thus, your unit doesn’t have to work harder than it would trying to cool warmer air.

Never hide your air conditioner

Some home owners just love to conceal their unit away behind bushes or tress or other structures that keep it out of sight. We definitely do not recommend that any home owner do this. With an ac unit, ventilation is everything. There should be nothing getting in the way of air flow going into the intake. Again this will just make the air conditioner system have to work harder.

Don’t avoid a maintenance check

You should call your local air condition company and schedule a periodic maintenance visit. You will be amazed at how much longer your unit will run when it gets a little bit of TLC.

On a side note, we also recommend that you clean or replace the filters at least every 2 months. Dust build up in the vents will constrict the ducts and impede flow, as well as cause temperature irregularities.

No Extra Heat Next to The Thermostat

The thermostat is that small detail that everybody misses. When the temperature in the house hits its target mark, the thermostat will stop or start the air conditioner. Make sure you don’t have any heat generating appliances or devices like tv’s, radios, or other appliances. The thermostat will pick up on this radiant heat and will adjust to the air around it.

Set temperature level lowest

If you’re a person that loves it cold and wants a winter wonder land indoors, well your probably wasting your time with dripping it lower. If you have it at 70, and you drop it to 66, you probably not going to get there because of outside pressure, time of day, or time of year. It will only just keep running and running and never get there. So be careful with that.

Employing the wrong fans

Stop leaving your fans on in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. this throws cool air from your house outside and making your home take longer to cool to your comfort.

We hope you have learned a bit with our article. Remember if you are needing air conditioning repair or services for your home or business, call Primo A/C and Heating Services.

Air Conditioning Repair Before the RGV Heat Hits.

Owning a house, you know that an air conditioning repair is just part of what to expect. Repairs can range from minor to severe and even complete change outs. From leaks, to connection breakdowns, a number of thing can and will happen over the life of your air conditioning unit.

Let’s face it, most people find that any appliance breakdown is an inconvenience, but non is an horrible or inconvenient as when your cooling and ventilation system is not working and performing to its top performance.

As home owners, we just have faith that our ac will work properly and we don’t have to think about it much. Yeah we change out the air filter when its dirty, but thats pretty much the extent of any kind of maintenance or awareness. Typically things don’t get noticed till there is a pressing issue that demands our attention. Until then we just expect things to go well, especially during the hottest months of the year. In the Rio Grande Valley, right around the end of April, we start to feel it. Our Ac system is there to help us relax and endure those few months of hot humid weather. The hope is that your ac doesn’t go out during the summer, but if your reading this, it’s probably because it has happened to you.

One thing to remember is that your air conditioner is a machine and thus mechanical. Anything mechanical needs to be checked on a regular basis.

When it comes down to it, having good air conditioning maintenance is crucial, especially during seasonal changes. From the end of summer to the beginning, it’s rather a long stretch of time for your ac not to be checked. You will be astonished at what weird sounds, temperature discrepancies, mechanism malfunctions can happen from simply not being diligent in your ac maintenance. Quite frankly there are too many ways for your cooling system will begin to act up on you, or worse, not start all together.

Primo A/C and Heating is your premier Rio Grande Valley cooling and heating company. Son’t be caught without a cool and comfortable home this summer because you didn’t thing about it in the spring. Avoid major repair with a full and comprehensive maintenance check from Primo A/C and Heating Services. Servicing all of the Rio Grande Valley, TX.

Air Conditioning Repair – Choosing the Right Company

So you’re thinking you might need Air Conditioning Repair hu? Well there are a few things you should think about when deciding your ac repair option in the Rio Grande Valley.  

  • Professionalism
  • Dependability
  • Experience
  • Equipment

Your A/C is no doubt a vital part of your home. Especially when living in the Rio Grande Valley, TX heat. So, you need to be aware of who you are asking to work on your cooling or heating system for that matter. There are many companies to choose from, and to be honest most people don’t have a clue about what it really takes to perform an air condition repair in the RGV. With Primo, we handle all our repairs with the utmost professionalism and make sure that each customer fully understands the process of what the repair will be and why it is necessary. Knowing that you are calling someone reliable and with 30 years of dependable experience in the Rio Grande Valley, you know that the repair will be taken care of and that you know what is going on. Reliability and professionalism is critical when choosing an Air Condition Repair company.

When you do call a repair company, one recommendation is to ask for references and how long they have been in service. If they are truly dependable, they will have no problem with providing this information to you, and you can have plenty of RGV residence to ask and survey. Another thing to consider is the number of different types of cooling systems that are out there. Older models need specialized tools such as pressure gauges and freon or supplies for cooling gas. More modern and newer models take different gases to work properly then older models to meet EPA standards. Be absolutely sure that the company you choose for your A/C repair in the Rio Grande Valley is using all the right equipment properly and have all the correct licenses to handle the various gases needed for different systems. The easy answer is to call Primo A/C and Heating Services for all your air conditioning repairs.

Not only does the company you choose have to have all the right equipment, and socialized tools, but they need to have the skills to handle any situation that may arise. Some A/C issues need complete overhauls, but some issues can be resolved with just a simple cleaning. With the valley having deep roots n history, many older homes have unique and rather difficult circumstances when it comes to the A/C units location. Some technicians may not be so keen to perform a repair if it means they have to work extra hard to get to the unit. Some may feel like just air condition replacement is the best option, when all that needed to be done was something simple and the technician just didn’t want to be bothered going the extra mile for the customer. They leave with a pocket full of cash, and you are stuck having to pay for something you didn’t need. Most often then not, your current units’ life can be extended to perform for a long time. Not all RGV systems can be fixed with a simple repair. From time to time a repair is not the best option, but with the right company, you’ll get an honest assessment and an honest price.

Lastly, don’t forget to replace the air filter frequently. Many issues can be avoided by simply replacing the filter often and consistently. It will be the best and smartest thing you do for your air condition system.

If you’re living in the rio Grande Valley, and need air condition maintenance, repair, or a new unit installed, call Primo A/C and Heating Services. Call us will be the best decision you have ever made. If you don’t decide to call us, then take our advice in this post, and make sure you are doing your due diligence with the company you choose to go with.

Stay Cool

Jay – Primo Master Technician

Cool and Comfortable Homes with Portable Air Conditioning – Rio Grande Valley

Article by: Jay – Primo Master Technician

Over the last several decades, air conditioning units have become very popular. The traditional units are what is common in most homes, but more contemporary systems are being installed and used for their efficiency and easy to install capabilities.

Living in places with hot temperatures, you have to consider that your AC system is going to be a vital part to achieving a cool and comfortable home experience.

Contemporary units, unlike their counter parts, are easy to install and work quite efficiently. They are lighter and smaller by comparison, and unlike central or window units, they work very efficiently.

If you’re looking into installing a portable unit for your home, office, or multiple rooms, there are many things to consider. Different brands offer different features and are build for different purposes and their efficiency varies. With Primo A/C and Heating Services, there is no need to get turned around and confused about what to do. We can help you evaluate your unique situation and provide you with the best recommendation that will suit your needs.

Beat the Heat with Portable Air conditioning The Rio Grande Valley, TX

You may be wondering why we are even putting up a post like this. We are an AC company, and for the most part will always recommend central cooling and heating systems. It is our experience though that some residence or office spaces just need something that will work for their needs and are not looking for a complete overhaul of their central air system. That is why portable air conditioning units are one of the most preferred options by potential purchasers that are looking for specific needs to be met. Portable cooling units offer many advantages when compared to window and central air systems. They are small, lightweight, efficient, and easy to install and move from place to place.

There are also ductless cooling systems that can also be installed with ease. Because they don’t needs ducts, there is no need for a small construction site to ensue causing an unwanted inconveniences in your home. No walls being broken today!!! Another great feature to ductless air systems is that they save on energy consumption. That translates to huge saving overtime on your energy bill.

When your looking for added comfort either by cooling or heating, your Primo A/C and Heating Services expert is ready to go!