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Finding a company that you can trust with your air conditioner doesn’t have to be hard. At Primo A/C and Heating Services, we take your trust seriously and provide you with upfront quality information that will be best for your home ac repair in Donna.

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We are family run company, and like family you can trust that Primo A/C and Heating Services will not beat around the bush when it comes to your air conditioner. Whether it’s a repair, maintenance check or new installation, you can trust Primo to give you the best price and highest service available. That’s what we promise to do for you and your family. Breath a sigh of relief, don’t stress, and trust PRIMO is on it for you Donna, TX.

AC Service in Donna and
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Our PRIMO AC and Heating pros can help when you are looking for AC service in Donna.

Maintaining your ac unit is vital to any home. That is why we strongly recommend that you choose Primo to take care of all your scheduled air conditioner maintenance. Maintaining your AC on a scheduled regular bases will reduce the risks of something happening to it and needing to repair it over and over again. Let’s extend the life of your air condition system, call us today for our maintenance services and let’s avoid unneeded breakdowns and equipment issues.

If you’re past the point of maintenance and you’re pulling your hair out having to repair your AC unit over and over again, then it may be time for a new system with our Primo AC Installation. Repairs are great, but like all things mechanical, repairs can be an ongoing thing and can actually start to work against your pocket book. A new system will actually save you money over time by cutting down on the maintenance costs. We will guide you and make sure that your new system is the prefect fit for your home and budget.

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