Commercial AC Repair in Edinburg, TX – What to Expect


Article by: Victor T. – Primo Lead Commercial Service Technician

Commercial AC Repair

The summers in the Rio Grande Valley are long and can be unbearable. So when your AC is broken it becomes very difficult for your commercial business to keep pace with the day to day procedures. When you find yourself in a situation where you are needing AC repairs for your commercial business, your going to want a reputable air conditioning repair and service company that will give you an honest assessment and all of your options.

What Should I Expect From A Professional AC Repair company in Edinburg TX?

Like we said before, finding an AC repair company in the Rio Grande Valley that will be honest and fair can be difficult. Fortunatly for all of the RGV, Primo AC and Heating Services has a reputation for always making sure that you are well taken care of and that your needs are meet promptly and at a price that is fair.

Other Companies Will Just Repair and Never Replace

With Primo, there are times where we will recommend a complete replacement. We understand that a repair is much better for your pocketbook, but there are times when an AC system just cant be repaired to its former glory. If a replacement is needed, it will only be as a last resort and in our best judgment as far as your long term investment vs short term repair costs. Whether you go with us or another company for your commercial cooling or heating system, make sure that they are going to be upfront with you and recommend the best course of action that will benefit you the most longterm.

Make sure the company offers yearly maintenance checks.

A good ac repair company will offer ac maintenance. With Primo, we highly recommend that you schedule a yearly maintenance check so that you get as much out of your ac system as possible. A well maintenance commercial air conditioner, at minimum last a decade or more. Make sure that whatever company you decide to go with, offers scheduled maintenance.

A great ac repair company will diagnose then inform you.

When a company is arriving, a overeall check of the system should be done so that you are informed of your options.

But Which Company Should I Choose For My AC Repair in Edinburg TX?

Let’s face it, your best choice is Primo AC and Heating Services. With our top-notch highly trained certified and highly skilled technicians and staff, your commercial air conditioning is in good hands.  If you decide not go with us, than we are here for whan you do need more out of an air conditioning repair company.

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