Make the Most Out of Your Home Air Conditioning

Make the most of your home air conditioning - Primo A/C and Heating Services

Home air conditioning is a got to have appliance for those individuals who are living in warm climates like the Rio Grande Valley, or anywhere in Texas for that matter. Let’s just say it starts to come a significant part of the day to day lives of everyone living in the home. A side effect of this must have item is that it does put a heavy burden on your energy consumption every month. There are ways to lesses this cost, we simply have to learn new habits when using our air condition unit. Let’s dive right in and find out how we can best learn to do this.

Bigger air conditioner – Not always a good idea.

The market is full of air conditioner options that you can choose from, but without looking at the details you may be setting yourself back. In this case, bigger doesn’t mean cooler. Be careful with buying a bigger unit, it doesn’t mean it will result in a cooler home at a faster rate, nor does it mean it will keep the temperature constant.

Keep the air conditioner away from the hot spot.

When thinking about where to put your outside unit, it seems like the easiest place would be where there is space to put, and where it wont get in the way. Beware however, that placing your outside unit in spot where the temperature in the hottest will cause it to work harder to cool the air that it intakes. We recommend placing your unit in a shady spot, away from the hottest part of the day. The air around the unit will be cooler, and thus, your unit doesn’t have to work harder than it would trying to cool warmer air.

Never hide your air conditioner

Some home owners just love to conceal their unit away behind bushes or tress or other structures that keep it out of sight. We definitely do not recommend that any home owner do this. With an ac unit, ventilation is everything. There should be nothing getting in the way of air flow going into the intake. Again this will just make the air conditioner system have to work harder.

Don’t avoid a maintenance check

You should call your local air condition company and schedule a periodic maintenance visit. You will be amazed at how much longer your unit will run when it gets a little bit of TLC.

On a side note, we also recommend that you clean or replace the filters at least every 2 months. Dust build up in the vents will constrict the ducts and impede flow, as well as cause temperature irregularities.

No Extra Heat Next to The Thermostat

The thermostat is that small detail that everybody misses. When the temperature in the house hits its target mark, the thermostat will stop or start the air conditioner. Make sure you don’t have any heat generating appliances or devices like tv’s, radios, or other appliances. The thermostat will pick up on this radiant heat and will adjust to the air around it.

Set temperature level lowest

If you’re a person that loves it cold and wants a winter wonder land indoors, well your probably wasting your time with dripping it lower. If you have it at 70, and you drop it to 66, you probably not going to get there because of outside pressure, time of day, or time of year. It will only just keep running and running and never get there. So be careful with that.

Employing the wrong fans

Stop leaving your fans on in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. this throws cool air from your house outside and making your home take longer to cool to your comfort.

We hope you have learned a bit with our article. Remember if you are needing air conditioning repair or services for your home or business, call Primo A/C and Heating Services.

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